A Taste of Honey


Shelagh Delaney

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A Taste of Honey Characters


Seventeen-year-old Jo is a witty, sensitive character whose rebellious impulses can be seen as the direct result of her feelings of abandonment. She shares a strong bond with her mother Helen—the two women’s vicious… read analysis of Jo


At the age of forty, Helen leads an unstable life that revolves around drinking and her romantic relationships with lovers, whom she depends on financially. Characterized by a domineering attitude and a tendency to follow… read analysis of Helen

Peter Smith

A boldly assertive, often vulgar young man, Peter is a car salesman who follows Helen to her new home and convinces her to marry him. He shows little sensitivity to the subtleties of Helen and… read analysis of Peter Smith

Geoffrey Ingram

Jo’s friend and roommate, Geoffrey is seen by others primarily through the lens of his homosexuality and what others consider to be his effeminate demeanor. Apart from his “pansified” appearance, which sets him apart… read analysis of Geoffrey Ingram

Jimmie (“The Boy”)

Jo’s boyfriend, a black sailor who is about to leave for a six-month trip with the Navy, is an affectionate but unreliable character. While he declares his love to Jo, asks her to marry… read analysis of Jimmie (“The Boy”)
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