A Walk in the Woods


Bill Bryson

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Chicken John Character Analysis

Chicken John is a famous hiker whom Bryson bumps into while hiking the Appalachian Trail just north of Pennsylvania. It’s taken Chicken John several months to hike about halfway through the trail because he keeps getting lost. He doesn’t mind though, as he meets several kind and helpful people along the way.
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Chicken John Character Timeline in A Walk in the Woods

The timeline below shows where the character Chicken John appears in A Walk in the Woods. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 16
Isolation, Companionship, and Kindness Theme Icon
Fear, Danger, and Human Destruction Theme Icon
...a disused logging road and bumps into a famous thru-hiker who goes by the name Chicken John . Bryson is really excited to meet him; he recalls hikers who garner fame for... (full context)