A Walk in the Woods


Bill Bryson

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Henry David Thoreau Character Analysis

Henry David Thoreau was a 19th-century philosopher who romanticized the virtues of walking in nature—though in reality, he rarely ventured too far from his hometown of Concord, Massachusetts. Despite the values he extolled, Thoreau found the Adirondack Trail horribly savage, wild, and distressing when he attempted to hike part of it.

Henry David Thoreau Quotes in A Walk in the Woods

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Chapter 4 Quotes

The inestimably priggish and tiresome Henry David Thoreau thought nature was splendid, splendid indeed, so long as he could stroll to town for cakes and barley wine, but when he experienced real wilderness, on a visit to Katahdin in 1846, he was unnerved to the core.

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Henry David Thoreau Character Timeline in A Walk in the Woods

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Chapter 4
Fear, Danger, and Human Destruction Theme Icon
...watched. You think about bears and serial killers, and every sound makes you jumpy. Even Henry David Thoreau , who extolled the values of nature, found the Appalachians savage and terrifying. Bryson and... (full context)