Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Lewis Carroll

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Characters


Alice is the protagonist of the story. Though she doesn’t mention her age in the story, she is said to be seven years-old by experts, and in the sequel Through the Looking Glass, she… read analysis of Alice

The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is the first creature Alice sees, anxiously running into the rabbit hole in order to not be late. He is a very distinguished rabbit, with a large house and a gardener and… read analysis of The White Rabbit

The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar sits atop the magic mushroom that Alice finds in the forest. He has the appearance of a wise old professor – he smokes a hookah lazily and takes a very long time to… read analysis of The Caterpillar

The Duchess

The Duchess is a very ugly relation of the Queen. One minute furious, the next affectionate, the Duchess is a chaotic character and keeps a chaotic household, with a violent cook and a babyread analysis of The Duchess

The Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat is a large, smiling cat with the power to vanish and appear whenever he likes, causing him to be a bit smug, even in the face of the King and Queen of… read analysis of The Cheshire Cat
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The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts terrorizes Wonderland with constant threats of execution, though we soon realize that these threats are ineffectual. Though she holds a trial for the Knave of Hearts, she would rather go… read analysis of The Queen of Hearts

The Mock-Turtle

The Mock-Turtle is a sorrowful figure, who sits reminiscing by the sea. With his friend, the Gryphon, he remembers his old school teachers and his youth, when he would joyfully dance the Lobster Quadrille… read analysis of The Mock-Turtle
Minor Characters
Alice’s Sister
She appears at the very beginning and very end of Alice’s adventure. She is reading on the bank when Alice drifts into her dreamand when Alice wakes up, she kindly listens to her long adventure story, and daydreams more knowingly about Wonderland herself, contemplating how Alice will soon grow up.
Dinah is Alice’s cat, a wonderful rodent catcher and a loyal friend – Alice misses her greatly when she is in Wonderland.
The Mouse
A weary creature that Alice meets swimming along in the pool of tears. She befriends him but her mentions of Dinah, the expert mouse-catcher, greatly offends him. He does eventually agree to tell her his story, which is about a judge-like cat named Fury.
The Dodo
The instigator of the Caucus-race and a very wise-sounding bird. He is solemn and loves a ceremony, as we see when he nominates Alice to donate the prizes for the race winners and bows low to her in gratitude when presenting a prize to her.
The Duchess’s Cook
She is seen cooking with huge amounts of pepper in the Duchess’s kitchen, and making everybody sneeze. She has an awful temper, and flies into a rage for no reason.
The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter is an eccentric host, a lover of riddles and wordplay and gives Alice a challenging time at his tea party, scolding and berating her. Time has frozen at six o’clock for the Hatter, so he lives in perpetual tea-time.
The Dormouse
He is the sleepy friend of the mad Hatter and Hare. He lives on the tea table and is a renowned storyteller, though his stories are often quite nonsensical and quick, since he has to hurry to finish them before he falls asleep again.
The March Hare
A hare that has been mad since March, when the Hatter sang out-of-time at the Queen’s concert. He enjoys frustrating Alice , for example offering her wine when there isn’t any.
The Playing Cards
The terrified subjects of the Queen of Hearts’ palace. They are gardeners, courtiers, soldiers and other royal guests, who live in fear of beheadings ordered by the Queen, even though they are made of cardboard.
The King of Hearts
The King of Hearts is the slightly calmer companion of the Queen of Hearts, reigning over Wonderland, but is a servant to the Queen’s violent whims. He ineffectually takes on the role of Judge in the palace court.
The Gryphon
The Gryphon is a mythical creature, half-lion, half-eagle, and an old friend of the Mock-Turtle. Reminiscing about his school days by the sea and the Lobster Quadrille makes him very excited and he loves showing off his expertise about Whitings and rhymes.
The Knave of Hearts
He has been accused by the Queen of Hearts of stealing her tarts. A trial is held, but he is not given much of a chance to defend himself between the nonsensical testimonies of the Hatter, the Cook and Alice.