All American Boys


Jason Reynolds

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In the novel, uniforms are at times presented as a symbol of discipline, respectability, and belonging—and at other times as a sign of excessive authority and danger. As someone who served in ROTC, the military…

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Many of the main characters in the novel are on the Springfield Central High basketball team, including Quinn, English, Guzzo, and Shannon. The characters take basketball very seriously, largely because it…

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Jill’s Party

Jill’s party takes place on the day the novel begins. Although Quinn and Rashad hardly know each other, they are united by their excitement to attend the party and their hopes of hooking up…

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Rashad’s Drawing

Rashad has been into art since he was a child, when he was inspired by newspaper comics to start drawing. As he’s gotten older, he has developed more sophisticated sources of inspiration, such as the…

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After Carlos spray-paints the words RASHAD IS ABSENT AGAIN TODAY outside Springfield Central High, many of the students take pictures of it and begin discussing Rashad’s arrest online with the hashtag #RashadIsAbsentAgainToday. The choice of…

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