American Sniper


Chris Kyle

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Marcus Luttrell Character Analysis

A SEAL who serves in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and one of Chris Kyle’s closest friends. Marcus Luttrell was involved in one of the most famous operations of the War on Terror, Operation Red Wings. During this military action, Taliban soldiers ambushed Luttrell and his fellow SEALs, and Luttrell was the lone survivor of the attack. Luttrell went on to pen a book about his experiences in the war, Lone Survivor.
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Marcus Luttrell Character Timeline in American Sniper

The timeline below shows where the character Marcus Luttrell appears in American Sniper. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2: Jackhammered
Country vs. Family Theme Icon
Machismo Theme Icon
...and Kyle “survives.” Afterwards, he heads to advance training. There, he reunites with his friend, Marcus Luttrell . Kyle first met Luttrell in basic training, and they got along because they were... (full context)
Chapter 8: Family Conflicts
The War on Terror Theme Icon
Country vs. Family Theme Icon
Machismo Theme Icon
Trauma Theme Icon
...but also wishes that he could be back in Iraq, fighting alongside his good friend, Marcus Luttrell (who heroically fought off hundreds of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, and later wrote a book... (full context)