Ayn Rand

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Equality 7-2521

The strong, intelligent, and creative protagonist of Anthem. Despite his exceptional talents and interest in science, Equality 7-2521’s collectivist society forces him to work as a Street Sweeper and encourages him to feel ashamed… read analysis of Equality 7-2521

The Golden One

A former farm worker whose infatuation with Equality 7-2521 prompts her to follow him into exile. “The Golden One” is the name she allows him to call her instead of her given name, Liberty 5-3000… read analysis of The Golden One

The Transgressor of the Unspeakable Word

When Equality 7-2521 was ten years old, he watched the Transgressor being burned at the stake for speaking the Unspeakable Word: the anti-collectivist word “I.” Equality 7-2521 remembers this man’s saintly courage and composure, and… read analysis of The Transgressor of the Unspeakable Word

International 4-8818

The closest thing Equality 7-2521 has to a friend in the City, International 4-8818 is a humorous, ambitious artist who was forced to abandon his passion when he was assigned to work as a Street… read analysis of International 4-8818

The World Council of Scholars

Led by Collective 0-0009, the World Council of Scholars is the group in charge of all scholarly affairs in Equality 7-2521’s collectivist society. The group and its members are meant to illustrate what Rand perceived… read analysis of The World Council of Scholars
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