Behind the Beautiful Forevers


Katherine Boo

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Robert Pires Character Analysis

The current slumlord of Annawadi, who is supposed to ensure that the political party Shiv Sena maintains control of the votes in this district. Yet Robert has had a religious awakening and no longer wants to deal with corrupt bargains, opening the door for Asha to become the new slumlord.
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Robert Pires Character Timeline in Behind the Beautiful Forevers

The timeline below shows where the character Robert Pires appears in Behind the Beautiful Forevers. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2: Asha
Opportunity, Corruption, and Inequality Theme Icon
...agenda) seems to have turned away from corruption now that he has found religion. As Robert Pires loses power, Asha thinks she can fill that void. She knows that it is... (full context)
Society, Competition, and Social Division Theme Icon
Robert, the current slumlord, is famous mostly for bringing Maharashtrians (those from the Indian state of... (full context)
Chapter 17: A School, a Hospital, a Cricket Field
Opportunity, Corruption, and Inequality Theme Icon
Permanence, Legacy, and Erasure Theme Icon
Life and Death Theme Icon
...few weeks later, reporters come to Annawadi for a story on the public outcry over Robert Pires’ recent business efforts to pass off horses as zebras for children’s parties. Animal rights... (full context)