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Bena is one of Binti’s older brothers. He’s an angry young man and often spouts off about how evil the Khoush are—even though he’s never really known a Khoush person. Binti believes that while Bena justified in being angry about how the Khoush treat the Himba, he also knows nothing about the Khoush.

Bena Quotes in Binti

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Tom Doherty edition of Binti published in 2015.
Binti Quotes

I frowned at it. Realizing something. It spoke like one of my brothers, Bena. I was born only three years after him yet we’d never been very close. He was angry and always speaking out about the way my people were maltreated by the Khoush majority despite the fact that they needed us and our astrolabes to survive. He was always calling them evil, though he’d never traveled to a Khoush country or known a Khoush. His anger was rightful, but all that he said was from what he didn’t truly know.

Related Characters: Binti (speaker), Okwu, Bena
Page Number: 54
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Bena Character Timeline in Binti

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...suggests she’s evil. Binti frowns. She thinks that Okwu sounds a lot like her brother Bena, who speaks often about how horrible Khoush people are—even though he doesn’t know any Khoush... (full context)