Bless Me, Ultima

Ultima has an owl that follows her everywhere and becomes a symbol of her mysterious power. At first Antonio is afraid of it, but soon he regards the owl as a comforting, watchful presence. The… (read full symbol analysis)
Antonio discovers the golden carp at a time when he is starting to doubt his mother's Catholicism. The golden carp is supposedly a god sent to guide the other carp, who were once ancient people… (read full symbol analysis)
The atomic bomb is discussed only briefly, but it resonates with the punishing apocalypses of the different religions – the Catholic Hell and the golden carp's destructive flood. That humans could create such a… (read full symbol analysis)
The Virgin of Guadalupe is a Christian figure, but one with a special meaning for the Mexican and Chicano people. The legend goes that Mary revealed herself to a man in ancient Mexico and asked… (read full symbol analysis)