Blood Wedding


Federico García Lorca

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The Bridegroom

The Bride’s fiancé. The Bridegroom is a young man whose family has long had a feud with the members of the Felix family, who murdered his father and brother. Now that the Bridegroom is… read analysis of The Bridegroom

The Bride

A young woman who lives with her father on an isolated stretch of dry, largely infertile land. Even though she is about to marry the Bridegroom, the Bride is sullen and sad. Unlike everybody… read analysis of The Bride


The Bridegroom’s mother. Because members of the Felix family murdered her husband and her other son, the Bridegroom’s mother is perpetually anxious about the possibility of her only remaining son—the Bridegroom—succumbing to the same… read analysis of Mother

Leonardo Felix

The Bride’s true love, and the only member of the Felix family who hasn’t been imprisoned because of the ongoing feud with the Bridegroom’s clan. The Bridegroom’s mother allows her son to marry… read analysis of Leonardo Felix


The Bride’s father. A widower whose wife never loved him, he now lives on an isolated stretch of dry land with his daughter—a plot of earth he is immensely proud of, having “punish[ed]” in… read analysis of Father
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The Servant

A servant in the Bride’s house. A seemingly kind and attentive woman, the servant is the only person who picks up on the Bride’s hesitancy to get married, though—like everybody else—she is also quite… read analysis of The Servant

The Neighbor

A woman who lives next to the Bridegroom’s mother. In a conversation about the Bride, the neighbor tells the Bridegroom’s mother that the young woman used to be romantically involved with Leonardoread analysis of The Neighbor

Leonardo’s Wife

Leonardo’s wife, and the Bride’s cousin. When the Bride and Leonardo were first together, she told him she wouldn’t marry him because he wouldn’t be able to provide for her financially. As such… read analysis of Leonardo’s Wife


The mother of Leonardo’s wife. The mother-in-law lives with Leonardo and her daughter and helps take care of their baby. When Leonardo lies in order to conceal the fact that he’s been visiting… read analysis of Mother-in-Law

The Moon

A personification of the moon. This character appears on stage when Leonardo and the Bride run into the woods in order to escape the Bridegroom and his angry mob, which wants to capture them and… read analysis of The Moon

Beggar Woman (Death)

An old woman dressed in rags who appears in the forest when Leonardo and the Bride elope. In his stage note, Lorca writes that the “beggar woman” is death itself. Unsurprisingly, then, she eagerly awaits… read analysis of Beggar Woman (Death)

The Woodcutters

A group of three woodsmen who act as a traditional Greek Chorus, or a set of characters who appear in Ancient Greek plays and comment on the plot as it unfolds. When Leonardo and theread analysis of The Woodcutters