Charlotte’s Web


E. B. White

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Charlotte’s Web Characters


Wilbur the pig is the novel’s central protagonist. The runt of his spring litter, Wilbur is rescued from slaughter when Fern Arable insists that her father let him live. Fern raises Wilbur as if he’s… read analysis of Wilbur


Charlotte A. Cavatica, one of the novel’s protagonists, is a common barn spider with a number of extraordinary gifts. Sensitive, practical, maternal, and wise, Charlotte introduces herself to Wilbur the pig shortly after he arrives… read analysis of Charlotte

Fern Arable

The human protagonist of the novel, Fern Arable is an eight-year-old girl with an intense love of nature and animals. She saves Wilbur the pig from being slaughtered shortly after his birth and raises him… read analysis of Fern Arable

Homer Zuckerman

Fern’s uncle and Wilbur’s second owner, Homer Zuckerman is a kind and practical man who runs a thriving farm and barnyard. Though Homer plans on fattening Wilbur up for meat, he is shocked… read analysis of Homer Zuckerman

Dr. Dorian

The local doctor. He advises Mrs. Arable when she comes to him out of concern for Fern, who has been spending all of her time at the Zuckerman farm “talking” with the animals. Dr… read analysis of Dr. Dorian
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Minor Characters
Aunt Edith Zuckerman
Fern’s aunt and Homer’s wife. A kind woman who is slightly skeptical of the “miracle” of Charlotte’s web, but who nevertheless supports her husband and even revels in the attention their farm and family begin to receive for Wilbur, the “terrific” pig they own.
One of the novel’s antagonists, Templeton is a selfish, conniving, barn rat who hoards food, knick-knacks, trash, and the other animals’ cast-offs. He is helpful to Charlotte and Wilbur on occasion—but only when there’s something in it for him.
Avery Arable
Fern’s brother. An active, energetic, rough-and-tumble nature lover who enjoys frolicking in the fields and collecting creepy-crawly animals from the wild to keep in his pockets.
Mrs. Arable
Fern’s mother. A kind woman who is made nervous by her daughter’s preoccupation with the animal world over the human one. However, the local doctor, Dr. Dorian, advises her to sit back and let Fern grow up in her own time.
Nellie, Joy, and Aranea
Three of Charlotte’s daughters, who like Wilbur so much that they decide to stay and live in the barn with him, even after all four hundred of their siblings balloon away in the wind.
Mr. Arable
Fern’s father and Mrs. Arable’s husband. He is a hardworking, practical man.
The Zuckermans’ hired man who helps out on the farm with the animals.
Goose and Gander
A nervous, chatty pair of geese who live on the Zuckermans’ farm with Wilbur, Charlotte, and the others.
The Old Sheep
A kindly and wise old sheep who lives on the Zuckermans’ farm.
A giant pig who takes first prize at the County Fair.
Henry Fussy
A friend (and possible love interest) of Fern’s.