Dear Justyce

Dear Justyce


Nic Stone

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Dear Justyce: Snap2 Summary & Analysis

Quan is pushed over the edge when he discovers that his favorite librarian retired. Now, the lady behind the desk gives him dirty looks and makes regular passes by the castle nook, where he’s reading an Unfortunate Events book. She acts like she expects him to steal the books. Annoyed, Quan leaves his book on the floor and walks out. At least now they have a reason to give him dirty looks.
The new librarian seems suspicious as to why a young Black boy would be hanging out in a library, betraying her biases against Black people. Based on her behavior, it seems unthinkable to her that Quan would be here just to read; in her mind, he must be up to no good. Now, the library no longer feels like a safe and welcoming space to Quan, so he loses yet another avenue of support.
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