Evans Tries an O-Level


Colin Dexter

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Bell is the Detective Chief Inspector at St Aldates Police Station. In the wake of Evans’s escape, the Governor sends Jackson and Stephens to Bell, presumably for questioning. While the two officers are en route, the Governor calls Bell on the phone to bring him up to speed on the situation. All Bell says in response is, “We’ll get him, sir […] We’ll get him, with a bit o’luck.” Like Carter, Bell doesn’t appear to be especially helpful in tracking down Evans, as it’s the Governor who pieces together Evans’s plan and tracks him down at the Golden Lion Hotel in the nearby town of Chipping Norton.
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Bell Character Timeline in Evans Tries an O-Level

The timeline below shows where the character Bell appears in Evans Tries an O-Level. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Evans Tries an O-Level
Intelligence and Deception Theme Icon
Appearances vs. Reality Theme Icon
...prison-van driver to get Jackson and Stephens to the police station and to ask for Chief Inspector Bell when they get there. (full context)
Appearances vs. Reality Theme Icon
The Governor quickly gets Chief Inspector Bell on the phone to bring him up to speed. After this, Detective Superintendent Carter calls,... (full context)