Fight Club


Chuck Palahniuk

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The Narrator

The narrator of the novel is never referred to by name. At the beginning of the novel, the Narrator is a frustrated corporate slave, living out a dull, emasculated life. The Narrator soon begins to… read analysis of The Narrator

Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden is the Narrator’s imaginary alter ego, the embodiment of his “death drive” and repressed masculinity. In many ways, though, Tyler is more “real” than the Narrator himself, as suggested by the fact… read analysis of Tyler Durden

Marla Singer

Marla Singer is the only major female character in Fight Club, and a vague “love interest” for both Tyler and the Narrator. Like the Narrator at the beginning of the book, Marla is… read analysis of Marla Singer


A young, handsome executive who sometimes works alongside the Narrator—and also the young, handsome host of a dinner party. (It’s not clear if the two characters are meant to be the same or not… read analysis of Walter
Minor Characters
Bob / Robert Paulson
The Narrator first meets Bob at a testicular cancer support group, where he learns that Bob, a former champion body builder, lost his testicles after abusing steroids. Eventually, Bob joins fight club, because he sees it as a way to reclaim his lost masculinity through pain and violence.
A woman who is dying of cancer, whom the Narrator meets at a cancer support group.
A woman who hosts a fancy dinner party, only to discover that Tyler may have urinated in one of her perfume bottles.
The Mechanic
A loyal member of fight club, who drives the Narrator off the road in an effort to get him to embrace life, and later attempts to castrate the Narrator.
Raymond Hessel
A man whom the Narrator threatens to kill, with the goal of inspiring Raymond to embrace his life.
Patrick Madden
A city official who Tyler has murdered.
The Narrator’s boss
The Narrator’s unlikable, smug boss, whom Tyler eventually murders.