Andrew Clements

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Nick Allen

Nick is the ten-year-old protagonist of the novel. He's known for his big ideas, which he often deploys to annoy his teachers and undermine their power. Fifth grade, however, presents new challenges for Nick, as… read analysis of Nick Allen

Mrs. Granger

Mrs. Granger, Nick’s teacher, is the only fifth grade language arts teacher at Lincoln Elementary. She's a small older woman who only wears skirt suits, and she can "turn on" her eyes in such… read analysis of Mrs. Granger

Bud Lawrence

A local businessman in Westfield. At the age of 19, Bud began buying fast-food restaurants in Westfield and before long became the richest man in town. He's always on the lookout for a new investment… read analysis of Bud Lawrence

Janet Fisk

One of Nick's classmates. She lives in Nick's neighborhood and, like most of their classmates, thinks that Nick's schemes are amusing. Because of this, she doesn't hold it against him when Mrs. Avery wrongfully… read analysis of Janet Fisk

Mrs. Chatham

The principal of Lincoln Elementary School. She's a tall and broad woman whom Nick notes is as tall as his father, Mr. Allen. Mrs. Chatham only becomes involved in the "frindle" business when she's… read analysis of Mrs. Chatham
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Mrs. Allen

Nick's mother. It's implied that Mrs. Allen is the parent truly responsible for the "homework first" rule, which states that Nick and James must complete their homework before they can play. When Mrs. Chathamread analysis of Mrs. Allen

Mr. Allen

Nick's dad. He owns a hardware store in Westfield, and though he's proud of Nick for inventing a new word, he also wants the madness and attention to stop. Because of this, Mr. Allen… read analysis of Mr. Allen

Judy Morgan

A reporter for The Westfield Gazette. She's intrigued when she hears about a revolt going on at Lincoln Elementary and conducts interviews with Mrs. Chatham, Mrs. Granger, and a group of students… read analysis of Judy Morgan

Mrs. Avery

Nick's fourth-grade teacher; he thought she looked like a hawk. Because of this, when Nick learned that some small birds can create high-pitched sounds that confuse birds of prey, he began making those noises… read analysis of Mrs. Avery

Miss Deaver

Nick's third grade teacher. She was a first-year teacher when she had Nick as a student, which made her particularly naïve and susceptible to his tricks: over the course of a week, he orchestrated… read analysis of Miss Deaver
Minor Characters
James Allen
Nick's older brother. He's about ten years older than Nick and is in college for the bulk of the novel. When Nick turns 21 and assumes control of the money from the frindle trust fund, he gives James some of the money to help send his kids to college.
Mrs. Freed
The secretary at Lincoln Elementary. When Mrs. Granger starts keeping hundreds of students after school for detention for using "frindle," Mrs. Freed quickly becomes annoyed and overwhelmed by it all—she spends most of her time fielding calls from annoyed parents and the school superintendent.
Alice Lunderson
A part-time employee at the local CBS station. When she reads Judy Morgan's article about "frindle" in The Westfield Gazette, Alice knows it'll be a big story. The story goes on to be Alice's first story to make the national news.