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Sudhir Venkatesh

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Shorty-Lee Character Analysis

A young member of the BKs, Shorty-Lee agrees to run a group of “registrars” through Robert Taylor, asking for official “votes” from residents. When Shorty-Lee confronts one woman at her apartment, however, it is revealed that he has confused voter registration (the woman is already officially registered with the city) with voter coercion. Shorty-Lee abandons the voting drive soon thereafter.

Shorty-Lee Quotes in Gang Leader for a Day

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Penguin edition of Gang Leader for a Day published in 2008.
Chapter 3 Quotes

Shorty-Lee was puzzled. He looked over to the three other BKs. They were toting spiral-bound notebooks in which they “signed up” potential votes. But it seemed that neither Lenny nor JT had told them there was an actual registration form and that registrars had to be licensed.

Related Characters: Sudhir Venkatesh (speaker), JT, Lenny Duster, Shorty-Lee
Page Number: 79
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Shorty-Lee Character Timeline in Gang Leader for a Day

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Chapter 3 – Someone to Watch Over Me
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...awkward moment in which one woman meets with a young and motivated gang member named Shorty-Lee, directing a “voter drive.” The woman says she doesn’t need to “register” with the BKs,... (full context)