Good to Great


Jim Collins

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Alan Wurtzel Character Analysis

Alan Wurtzel was a Level 5 Leader who took Circuit City through its good-to-great transformation. Collins particularly emphasizes that Wurtzel viewed his company’s successes as luck while also taking full responsibility for its setbacks. This tipped the research team off to the “window and mirror” pattern they observed around good-to-great companies’ understanding of luck. His specific dialogue-based leadership style also aligns closely with the “three circles” of developing Hedgehog Concepts.
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Alan Wurtzel Character Timeline in Good to Great

The timeline below shows where the character Alan Wurtzel appears in Good to Great. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4 
The Possibility of Transformation Theme Icon
Duality and Contradiction Theme Icon
...trend among good-to-great companies is leadership focused on questions rather than answers. For example, CEO Alan Wurtzel of Circuit City was known for admitting that he didn't know the best strategy for... (full context)
The Possibility of Transformation Theme Icon
The Importance of the Right People Theme Icon
Duality and Contradiction Theme Icon
...relying on debate and dialogue, rather than coercion, to buy into one corporate mindset. Like Alan Wurtzel , CEO Ken Iverson of Nucor was known for fostering heated debate around every important... (full context)