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William Waldron Schieffelin Claytor Character Analysis

William Waldron Schieffelin Claytor is a black research mathematician who graduates from Howard University in 1929 and earns a PhD in math from the University of Pennsylvania in 1933 (only the third black person in the country to do so). He mentors Katherine Johnson and encourages her to pursue graduate study in mathematics.

William Waldron Schieffelin Claytor Quotes in Hidden Figures

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Chapter 8 Quotes

As if trying to redeem his own professional disappointment through the achievements of one of the few students whose ability matched his impossibly high standards, Claytor maintained an unshakable belief that Katherine could meet with a successful future in mathematical research, all odds to the contrary. The prospects for a Negro woman in the field could be viewed only as dismal. If Dorothy Vaughan had been able to accept Howard University's offer of graduate admission, she likely would have been Claytor's only female classmate, with virtually no postgraduate career options outside of teaching, even with a master's degree in hand. In the 1930s, just over a hundred women in the United States worked as professional mathematicians. Employers openly discriminated against Irish and Jewish women with math degrees; the odds of a black woman encountering work in the field hovered near zero.

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William Waldron Schieffelin Claytor Character Timeline in Hidden Figures

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Chapter 3: Past is Prologue
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...too had graduated early from high school and enrolled at a nearby black college. There, William Waldron Schieffelin Claytor , a brilliant black mathematician who was only the third black man in the country... (full context)
Chapter 8: Those Who Move Forward
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...College as a fifteen-year-old freshman with a full academic scholarship. She worked under math professor William Waldron Schieffelin Claytor . Claytor created advanced math classes just for her and he encouraged her to become... (full context)
Chapter 17: Outer Space
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...by preparing charts and equations for space technology lectures. She uses what she’s learned under Dr. Claytor to write a textbook for space travel in real time. She wants to go to... (full context)