Hunger of Memory


Richard Rodriguez

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Richard Rodriguez

Rodriguez grew up in Sacramento, California, the third child of Mexican immigrant parents. From a young age, he loved books and he achieved great academic success, earning degrees from Stanford and Columbia, as well as… read analysis of Richard Rodriguez

Rodriguez’s Mother

Rodriguez’s mother is depicted as the biggest advocate of his education, which she sees (at least according to Rodriguez) as an opportunity for job advancement. As a new immigrant to America, Rodriguez’s mother received… read analysis of Rodriguez’s Mother

Rodriguez’s Father

Rodriguez’s father grew up as an orphan in Mexico and immigrated to America with the hopes of becoming an engineer. A series of disappointments led to Rodriguez’s father living a life of “dark factory jobs,”… read analysis of Rodriguez’s Father

Rodriguez’s Siblings

Rodriguez has an older brother, an older sister, and a younger sister. The reader learns few identifying details about the Rodriguez siblings, and Rodriguez never divulges their names. The siblings have all grown up to… read analysis of Rodriguez’s Siblings

Rodriguez’s Grandmother

Though her life and death are wholly encompassed in the first chapter of the book, Rodriguez makes it clear that his grandmother played an important role in his life. She grew up in Mexico and… read analysis of Rodriguez’s Grandmother
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