In Custody


Anita Desai

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Dhanu Character Analysis

Dhanu is one of Deven’s Hindi students at Lala Ram Lal College. Dhanu has been studying radio technology during his free time over the summer break, so he agrees to help Deven salvage what he can from the tapes of his interviews with Nur. He and his friends take over for Pintu and condense all the recordings down to a single master tape. At first, it seems that they are trying to help out of a mix of interest, generosity, and boredom. But later, they try to blackmail Deven into giving them better grades in his Hindi class, making it clear that they had ulterior motives all along.
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Dhanu Character Timeline in In Custody

The timeline below shows where the character Dhanu appears in In Custody. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 10
Ambition and Failure Theme Icon
...his job. But then, he gets a surprise visit from one of his students, tech-savvy Dhanu, who has been hanging around the college and studying radio technology in his free time.... (full context)
Ambition and Failure Theme Icon
Deeply grateful for Dhanu’s help, Deven withdraws his last savings to buy him a blank cassette. Dhanu and his... (full context)
Memory and the Passage of Time Theme Icon
Beauty vs. Utility Theme Icon
Indian Identity and Pluralism Theme Icon
Pintu approaches Deven to demand his pay, and Deven gives him some loose change. Then, Dhanu and his friends demand that Deven give them the highest grades in their class. Deven... (full context)