In Custody


Anita Desai

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Raj is one of Deven’s childhood friends from Delhi. He was “born with one leg shorter than the other,” and they used to play cricket together. He never appears in the novel—he is supposedly off teaching in Cairo—but Deven stays at his house, with Raj’s widowed aunt and the tailor who works downstairs, when he travels to Delhi to interview Nur.
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Raj Character Timeline in In Custody

The timeline below shows where the character Raj appears in In Custody. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 9
Ambition and Failure Theme Icon
Beauty vs. Utility Theme Icon
...can transcribe Nur’s poems normally, and then he goes back to his old school friend Raj’s flat, where he is staying. When he first arrived in Delhi, Deven visited to ask... (full context)
Memory and the Passage of Time Theme Icon
Ambition and Failure Theme Icon
Family, Gender, and Indian Tradition Theme Icon
...Deven gazes at a park across the street, where he used to play cricket with Raj when they were children. (full context)