Dante Alighieri

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Sinner from Navarre Character Analysis

While the group of devils escorts Dante and Virgil through the fifth trench of the eighth circle of hell, they pull this sinner out of the pool of boiling pitch and torture him. He tells Dante he will show him seven Italians who are there if the devils stop torturing him. While the devils argue angrily about this proposition, he jumps back into the pitch, escaping the devils.
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Sinner from Navarre Character Timeline in Inferno

The timeline below shows where the character Sinner from Navarre appears in Inferno. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Canto 22
Sin, Justice, Pity and Piety Theme Icon
Language Theme Icon
One of the demons hooks a sinner by his hair and pulls him out of the pitch. While the devils gleefully consider... (full context)
This World vs. the Afterlife Theme Icon
Virgil asks if he knows of any Italians in the pitch. The sinner says that he was recently next to one, but as he continues his reply demons... (full context)
Sin, Justice, Pity and Piety Theme Icon
The demons are skeptical of the sinner's attempt to escape their punishment. And indeed, while they are distracted, he escapes their notice... (full context)