Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre


Charlotte Brontë

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The Red-Room

The red-room symbolizes how society traps Jane by limiting her freedom due to her class, gender, and independent streak. read analysis of The Red-Room

Fire and Ice

Fire is a symbol of emotion in the novel. Mr. Rochester has a fiery personality, while St. John is associated with ice and snow, symbolizing his dispassionate character. Jane draws arctic scenes in her portfolio… read analysis of Fire and Ice


The eyes are the windows to the soul in Jane Eyre. Jane is especially attracted to Mr. Rochester's black and brilliant eyes, which symbolize his temper and power. After Mr. Rochester loses his eyesight… read analysis of Eyes


In Jane Eyre, food symbolizes generosity, nourishment, and bounty, and hunger symbolizes cruelty and a lack of nourishment. Brontë uses food and hunger to reveal how people treat each other—who is charitable, and who… read analysis of Food

Portraits and Pictures

Through dreams and drawings, Jane visualizes her deepest feelings. Jane's portfolio contains pictures that symbolize her life. Portraits can also stand in for people's characters. Jane compares her portraits of herself and Blanche Ingramread analysis of Portraits and Pictures

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