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Clint is Hope Jahren’s husband, a mathematician who also works at the University of Hawaii. The two met at a party in Baltimore, while Jahren was working at Johns Hopkins University. After they got married, they returned to Baltimore, where Jahren introduced Clint to Bill, the other important man in her life. Although Bill had met many of Jahren’s boyfriends in the past, he had never taken much interest in them; he was hesitant to accept Clint, but when Clint offered to let him drive to Fort McHenry, Bill relented. Jahren, Bill, and Clint attended Family Day, symbolizing the unconventional family relationship they would develop over time. Clint is portrayed as balanced and thoughtful, and very loyal to Jahren. When Jahren is pregnant with their son, her department chair decides that Jahren cannot be present in her own lab, deeming her a liability. Instead of relaying this message himself, the chair sends Clint—who is a math professor at the university—to speak with Jahren, who is understandably upset. But unlike Jahren, Clint does not raise his voice or fight the chair’s decision; instead, when the time is right, he and Jahren quit their jobs at Johns Hopkins and take up positions at the University of Hawaii, where the find their colleagues more understanding and inclusive. Throughout the last third of Jahren’s memoir, Clint is a constant background presence, keeping his wife balanced and grounded.

Clint Quotes in Lab Girl

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Knopf edition of Lab Girl published in 2016.
Part 3: Flowers and Fruit Quotes

I discover within a second context that when something just won’t work, moving heaven and earth often won’t make it work—and similarly, there are some things that you just can’t screw up.

Related Characters: Hope Jahren (speaker), Clint
Page Number: 207
Explanation and Analysis:

“C’mon, Bill, you’re with us now. Why don’t you drive?”

Related Characters: Clint (speaker), Hope Jahren, Bill
Page Number: 209
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Clint Character Timeline in Lab Girl

The timeline below shows where the character Clint appears in Lab Girl. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 3: Flowers and Fruit
Family and Friendship Theme Icon
When she was 32, Jahren met Clint at a barbecue, and decided that he was the most beautiful man she had ever... (full context)
Family and Friendship Theme Icon
Jahren’s love for Clint did not mean that she couldn’t live without him—she had her own work, a meaningful... (full context)
Family and Friendship Theme Icon
Their relationship progressed quickly: within weeks, Clint left his job in DC and moved in with Jahren in Baltimore, taking a job... (full context)
Family and Friendship Theme Icon
...Jahren’s favorite places. And just as she had envisioned it in her fantasies, she and Clint got married in Oslo City Hall. They returned to the United States and went straight... (full context)
Family and Friendship Theme Icon
When they arrived at Bill’s house, Jahren announced that she and Clint had gotten married, and Bill’s main concern was whether or not he needed to buy... (full context)
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Mental Illness and Treatment Theme Icon
Later that day, Clint comes to Jahren’s office with some devastating news: Walter has requested that she not come... (full context)
Women and Science Theme Icon
Family and Friendship Theme Icon hungry, they go back to Bill’s house and watch The Sopranos all evening, until Clint picks her up to bring her home. Later that evening, Jahren’s water breaks, and they... (full context)
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Jahren is living in Norway with Clint and her son, on a Fulbright grant to study tree memory. Scientists have found that... (full context)
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Jahren brings her son home and makes dinner just as Clint arrives home from work as well, and they manage to get their son in bed... (full context)
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...that she will be home by the time he wakes up. Also, the boy’s father (Clint) is at home, as well as their dog, so the house is full of people... (full context)