Vladimir Nabokov

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Humbert Humbert

The narrator of Lolita. Humbert is a highly educated, mentally unstable, literarily gifted European man with an uncontrollable desire for young girls, whom he calls “nymphets.” Humbert Humbert is extraordinarily charming, sarcastic… read analysis of Humbert Humbert

Annabel Leigh

Humbert Humbert’s childhood love, and Lolita’s predecessor in his imagination. She and Humbert Humbert come close to having sex in a beachside cave, but are interrupted by two men. Not long after, she dies of… read analysis of Annabel Leigh


Humbert Humbert’s first wife. She is a Polish woman in Paris who paints in the Cubist style. Humbert marries her as an outlet for his uncontrollable desires. Though she is not a nymphet, she… read analysis of Valeria

Charlotte Haze

Lolita’s mother and Humbert Humbert’s second wife. Charlotte is a lively, pretentious young widow who looks sort of like the movie star Marlene Dieterich. She dreams of moving upwards in cultural sophistication and social class… read analysis of Charlotte Haze

Lolita (Dolores Haze)

The novel’s title character, and Humbert Humbert’s great nymphet love. Lolita begins the novel as a flirtatious, energetic twelve-year-old interested in comic books, crooners, and becoming a movie star. Her kidnapping and rape by Humbertread analysis of Lolita (Dolores Haze)
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Jean Farlow

A friend of the Hazes, wife of John. On the day Humbert Humbert considers and then refrains from drowning Charlotte at Hourglass Lake, it turns out Jean is watching from the bushes as she… read analysis of Jean Farlow

Clare Quilty

A children’s playwright, child pornographer, and the novel’s villain. Quilty is Humbert Humbert’s double and spiritual twin: a fellow pedophile, writer, and brilliant student of literature. Quilty is not revealed as a major character until… read analysis of Clare Quilty
Minor Characters
Aunt Sybil
Humbert Humbert’s stern aunt, who may have had an affair with his father. Sybil helps to raise Humbert at the Hotel Mirana.
A Parisian prostitute. Humbert Humbert purchases her services because although she is a sexually mature young woman, she strikes him as a former nymphet.
A Russian taxi driver in Paris. Maximovich outrages Humbert by stealing his wife, then peeing in his toilet—which he leaves unflushed and with a cigarette floating in the bowl. Maximovich and Valeria die as test subjects in a humiliating experiment in California.
Mr. McCoo
The father of the family with whom Humbert Humbert is supposed to live in Ramsdale. After his house burns down, he sends Humbert to the Haze’s place.
Miss Opposite
The old woman who lives across the street from the Hazes in Ramsdale.
Miss Opposite’s black driver and gardener. Leslie calls Humbert Humbert to tell him Charlotte has been run over. John Farlow claims to have seen Leslie bathing in the nude at dawn, and Charlotte suspects he’s having an affair with Louise.
The Haze’s black maid. Louise delivers Charlotte’s rambling love letter to Humbert Humbert.
Dr. Ivor Quilty
The Ramsdale dentist, and Clare Quilty’s uncle.
Jack Windmuller
A Ramsdale lawyer. Just before he drives off to kill Quilty, Humbert Humbert goes to Windmuller’s office to transfer Charlotte’s property to Lolita.
Frederick Beale, Jr.
The man who runs over Charlotte Haze. Frederick brings a chart to Humbert Humbert to prove his innocence, and then offers to pay the funeral expenses. He is shocked when Humbert Humbert accepts the offer.
John Farlow
Jean’s husband and a friend of the Hazes. John is put in charge of the Haze estate after the death of Charlotte. After the death of Jean, he remarries and moves to South America, and turns over control of the estate to Jack Windmuller.
Shirley Holmes
The director of Camp Q, where Lolita spends the summer of 1947.
Charlie Holmes
Shirley’s son, one of the only two boys at Camp Q. Charlie has sex in secret with the girls at the camp, including Lolita. He is the first person with whom she has a sexual experience.
Barbara Burke
Lolita’s friend at Camp Q. While she and Charlie Holmes have sex, Lolita stands guard, and then joins in.
Gustave Trapp
Humbert Humbert’s Swiss Uncle. Though he doesn’t appear in the novel, Humbert Humbert is reminded of him by the man pursuing his car—which later turns out to have been Clare Quilty.
Vivian Darkbloom
Clare Quilty’s female co-writer. Vivian Darkbloom is an anagram for Vladimir Nabokov.
Clarence Choate Clark, Esq.
Humbert Humbert’s lawyer during his imprisonment. He does not appear directly in the novel, but Humbert Humbert’s instructions for when and how to publish Lolita are addressed to him.
John Ray Jr., Ph.D.
A prominent psychologist. John Ray is the fictional author of Lolita’s foreword.
Harold Haze
Charlotte Haze’s deceased husband, and Lolita’s father.
Aubrey McFate
A student in Lolita’s class in Ramsdale. Although she never appears in the novel, Humbert Humbert uses her name to personify the workings of fate and destiny in his life.
Headmistress Pratt
The headmistress of the Beardsley school for girls. Pratt believes in modern, practical education for girls—preparing them to be good wives and mothers—and is concerned about how Humbert does not allow Lolita to date or socialize in school.
Gaston Godin
A friend of Humbert Humbert’s who teaches French at Beardsley College. Godin secures Humbert his job. Though the two play chess two or three times a week, Humbert hates Godin. Humbert suspects Godin of being a pedophile, because he is always surrounded by neighborhood boys.
An alcoholic young woman from Grainball City. Humbert Humbert spends two years living and traveling with her after Lolita disappears, though he never loves her and, in fact, is a little embarrassed by her.
Mona Dahl
Lolita’s best friend and confidante in the town of Beardsley. Mona is smart, sexually experienced, and helps Lolita to lie to Humbert Humbert. She may or may not have helped in arranging Lolita’s escape with Quilty.
Mary Lore
A Basque nurse at the hospital in Elphinstone. Mary dislikes Humbert intensely, and may help Lolita to escape with Quilty.
Dick Schiller
Lolita’s husband, a mining engineer with hearing problems who receives a very good job offer in Grey Star, Alaska. He knows nothing of Lolita’s past.
Mrs. Chatfield
A woman who lived in Ramsdale and whose daughter went to the same camp as Lolita. Humbert Humbert runs into her near the end of the book.
Edusa Gold
Lolita's drama teacher at Beardsley.
Eva Rosen
One of Lolita's friends at Beardsley, whom Humbert Humbert considers to also be a nymphet.
Mary Lore
A nurse at the hospital where Lolita stays when she gets "sick" as part of her plot to run off with Clare Quilty. Humbert Humbert is paranoid that Mary Lore doesn't like him.