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The Enchanted Hunters

The Enchanted Hunters is the name of the motel where Humbert Humbert first rapes Lolita. It is also the name of Quilty’s play. The image of the “enchanted hunter,” is a symbol for pedophiles… read analysis of The Enchanted Hunters


“Nymphet,” is the word Humbert Humbet uses to describe the kind of little girl he finds sexually attractive. Nymphets are supposed to be charming, mischievous, elusive mixtures of tenderness and “eerie vulgarity.” When imagining nymphets… read analysis of Nymphets

Motels and Rented Houses

None of the residences in Lolita are permanent. Humbert Humbert is born in a hotel, lives in Ramsdale as a boarder, never really settles down in Beardsley, and spends most of his time in hundreds… read analysis of Motels and Rented Houses


When Humbert and Annabel are about to have sex in the beachside cave, the only witness (at first) is “somebody’s lost pair of sunglasses.” Later, when Humbert Humbert first sees Lolita, she is wearing… read analysis of Sunglasses

Freudian Symbols

Throughout Lolita, Humbert Humbert is constantly making fun of Freudian Psychoanalysis. He calls Freud “the Viennese medicine man,” (274) and points out everything that Freudians might consider to be an important psychic symbol—not because… read analysis of Freudian Symbols

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342, 42 and 52

The numbers 342, 42 and 52 recur in Lolita. 342 Lawn Avenue is the address of the Haze house in Ramsdale. 42 is the number of the room at The Enchanted Hunters where Humbertread analysis of 342, 42 and 52