Lord of the Flies


William Golding

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Lord of the Flies Characters


The largest and most physically powerful boy on the island. Despite his size and strength, Ralph shows no signs of wanting to dominate others and is preoccupied with being rescued. He insists on planning and… read analysis of Ralph


The smartest boy on the island. Due to his obesity and asthma, Piggy is also the weakest of the biguns. Piggy believes passionately in civilization, law, and reasoning through problems, but he seldom does any… read analysis of Piggy


The head boy of his chorus back in civilization, Jack becomes the leader of the hunters on the island. Jack loves power. Laws and rules interest him only because they give him the chance to… read analysis of Jack


A dreamy, dark haired boy, prone to fainting spells and occasional fits. Simon is the only member of Jack's chorus who doesn't become a hunter. The most generous of the biguns, Simon helps Ralphread analysis of Simon


A quiet, brooding member of Jack's chorus. Roger is at first little more than a mystery, a quiet, intense boy who seems to hide himself from the other boys. But as the trappings of… read analysis of Roger
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The identical twins Sam and Eric who do everything together. They so closely resemble each other that the other boys use just one name to refer to both of them. The twins prove to be… read analysis of Samneric
Minor Characters
A littleun who says he saw the beast, though the "beast" turns out to be Simon coming back from the jungle.
Percival Wemys Madison
A littleun who states his name, address, and telephone number whenever he talks to someone older, and who says the beast comes from the sea.
British Naval Officer
An officer on a warship of the British Navy. He believes wholeheartedly that Britain is superior to all other civilizations.
A littleun at whom Roger throws rocks.
A bigun.
A bigun.
A bigun.