Love in the Time of Cholera


Gabriel García Márquez

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Florentino Ariza’s uncle; his father Don Pius V Loayza’s brother. Uncle Leo XII is one of the founders of the River Company of the Caribbean and is President of the firm when Florentino is first looking for a job. Unlike Don Pius V Loayza, Uncle Leo XII has taken care of Florentino by giving Tránsito Ariza money throughout the young boy’s life and later by finding his nephew a job as a telegraph operator and in various positions in the company. Although Uncle Leo XII has a high socio-economic status, he cares less about material benefits than about emotional, artistic pursuits such as singing. He also supports Florentino’s sexual endeavors after seeing Florentino have an affair in the company office. These characteristics suggest that he is more sensitive and fanciful than his official position might suggest, thus demonstrating that there is often a gap between people’s private and public lives. After Uncle Leo XII retires, Florentino is chosen as the new President of the River Company of the Caribbean.
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Uncle Leo XII Character Timeline in Love in the Time of Cholera

The timeline below shows where the character Uncle Leo XII appears in Love in the Time of Cholera. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3
Love Theme Icon
...move to a new port along the Magdalena river, using her contact with Florentino’s uncle Don Leo XII Loayza to achieve this. Florentino’s uncle finds him a post in telegraphy, announcing that the telegraph... (full context)
Chapter 4
Love Theme Icon, so that he can be worthy of her. As a result, he asks his Uncle Leo XII for a job, which he receives even though his uncle is still frustrated at Florentino’s... (full context)
Sex and Morality Theme Icon
Uncle Leo XII tells Florentino that his father, Don Pius V Loayza, conceived him in an unlocked office... (full context)
Love Theme Icon
Leona Cassiani becomes a highly talented employee. She submits ideas to Florentino’s Uncle Leo XII to reform the company, and he ultimately creates a new position for her, allowing her... (full context)
Chapter 5
Love Theme Icon
Moral Corruption and Cynicism Theme Icon
Uncle Leo XII retires after many years at the head of the River Company of the Caribbean. Florentino... (full context)