Me Before You


Jojo Moyes

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Louisa (Lou) Clark

The main protagonist of the novel, Lou is a resourceful, cheerful girl who has been wasting her potential in her small hometown because she feels responsible for taking care of her mother (Josie)… read analysis of Louisa (Lou) Clark

Will Traynor

Will is the second main character of the novel. In the midst of his high-stakes, thrill-seeking life as a financier, Will suffers a traffic accident that leaves him paralyzed in a wheelchair. Will has given… read analysis of Will Traynor

Katrina (Treena) Clark

Lou’s younger sister, Treena is considered the clever one of the family. Lou has always felt stuck in Treena’s shadow, a feeling which persists even after Treena gets pregnant with her son, Thomasread analysis of Katrina (Treena) Clark


Will’s primary physical caregiver, Nathan cares for all of the health issues that Will’s paralysis has caused. Nathan is from New Zealand and has a no-nonsense demeanor and a sarcastic sense of humor that… read analysis of Nathan

Camilla Traynor

Will’s mother, Camilla has a cold exterior that hides the immense pain she has felt ever since her son had his accident. Her job as a magistrate also gives her a bleak outlook on… read analysis of Camilla Traynor
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Josie Clark (Lou’s Mom)

Lou’s mother, a woman who takes great pride in keeping her house spotless and in caring for her two daughters, Lou and Treena, and her grandson, Thomas. Josie is also the primary… read analysis of Josie Clark (Lou’s Mom)
Minor Characters
Steven Traynor
Will’s father, the picture of an English gentlemen who nonetheless cheats on his wife, Camilla, and has little contact with his son. Lou and Steven get along, but Lou has little respect for him.
Bernard Clark (Lou’s Dad)
Lou’s father, a man in his fifties who is struggling with the recession and the prospect of unemployment. He loves Lou fiercely, though he shows it by teasing her. He is intensely loyal to his wife, Josie Clark.
Lou’s boyfriend of six years. Patrick is a physical trainer who is obsessed with training for triathlons and keeping his body in peak physical fitness. He and Lou eventually drift apart due to their disparate perspectives on life and Patrick’s jealousy over Lou’s close relationship with Will.
Lou’s grandfather, who is still of sound body but is rarely lucid after suffering a stroke. He is a kind and patient man, though he rarely speaks.
Thomas Clark
Treena’s young son, who is the joy of Josie and Treena’s lives even though he was the reason that Treena had to drop out of college. He is the typical energetic toddler who delights in making mischief yet can be very sweet.
Georgina Traynor
Will’s younger sister, who vehemently disagrees with Will’s plan to commit suicide. Lou sees Georgina as a spoiled rich girl, but has sympathy for Georgina’s tricky family situation.
Alicia Dewar (Lissa)
Will’s girlfriend before the accident. She is unable to reach Will through his post-paralysis depression and leaves him. She eventually marries Will’s former best friend Rupert.
Rupert Freshwell
Will’s former best friend and a co-worker at the firm that Will used to work for. After Will’s accident, Rupert begins to date Will’s ex-girlfriend Alicia and eventually marries her.
Mary Rawlinson
An old friend of Will’s who Lou meets at the unfortunate wedding of Alicia and Rupert. Mary is one of few people who treats Will exactly the same after his accident.
Dandelion Lady
A regular customer at the café where Lou worked before she became Will’s caretaker. Lou misses her and hopes that the Dandelion Lady has found someone else to keep her company in the mornings.
Lou’s manager and the owner of the Buttered Bun where Lou worked before she became Will’s caretaker.
Lou’s personal advisor at the Job Centre who eventually helps Lou get an interview as Will’s caretaker.
Michael Lawler
A lawyer who specializes in wills and personal estates. Will calls him when he is ready to make his formal application for assisted suicide at Dignitas Institute in Switzerland.
A paraplegic man who becomes Lou’s friend through internet chat rooms for people living with quadriplegia. He gives Lou advice on the logistics of all the trips she plans for Will.
Steven’s mistress. She wants Steven to leave his wife, Camilla, but Steven won’t leave out of guilt for Will’s condition.
An employee at the resort in Mauritius who decides to take extra special care of Will.
the girl that Nathan dates on the island trip to Mauritius.