Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger



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Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger Characters

Mrs. Packletide

Mrs. Packletide, the protagonist of “Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger,” is a frivolous and petty high-society Edwardian woman. Her behavior is primarily driven by her competitive relationship with fellow London socialite Loona Bimberton. Mrs. Packletide is… read analysis of Mrs. Packletide

Louisa Mebbin

Louisa Mebbin accompanies Mrs. Packletide to India as her long-time paid companion. Unlike the foolish socialites Mrs. Packletide and Loona Bimberton, Mebbin is a rational and thrifty character whose middle-class background has taught her… read analysis of Louisa Mebbin

Loona Bimberton

Loona Bimberton is an attention-seeking London socialite whose sole purpose in the story is to act as a foil to Mrs. Packletide’s jealous behaviors. After undertaking flight with an Algerian aviator, Bimberton is supremely… read analysis of Loona Bimberton


Clovis is a peer in Mrs. Packletide’s London social circle who encourages her exotic desires and attention-seeking behaviors. Although a minor character in “Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger,” Clovis is the titular character who stars in… read analysis of Clovis

The Villagers

The inhabitants of the local Indian village where Mrs. Packletide pays to shoot a harmless tiger. During the villagers’ enthusiastic pursuit of earning a thousand rupees from Mrs. Packletide for the privilege of shooting… read analysis of The Villagers
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Minor Characters
Village Headman
The village headman is perched in a tree within short distance from Mrs. Packletide and Louisa Mebbin as they lie in wait for the tiger. He likely overhears Miss Mebbin when she comments loudly that Mrs. Packletide has paid too much money for the hunt.