Nectar in a Sieve


Kamala Markandaya

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Rukmani’s father is a village headman and ostensibly the most powerful person in his town, but during Rukmani’s childhood his position becomes increasingly meaningless as local power concentrates in the hands of British colonial officials. Accordingly, although Rukmani is born into a comparatively wealthy family, by the time she’s old enough for marriage, her dowry is too small to win her a wealthy or well-connected husband. Father’s narrative shows how outside influences disrupts traditional ways of life and continuity within families.
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Father Character Timeline in Nectar in a Sieve

The timeline below shows where the character Father appears in Nectar in a Sieve. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1 
Women and Sexuality Theme Icon
...three older sisters. The first one is lavish and lasts for many days, as her father is a village headman. The second wedding is also lovely, but the third much smaller,... (full context)
Rural vs. Urban Poverty Theme Icon
...she will have a large wedding, which everyone will remember. She deserves it, because her father is head of the village. Her mother laughs at this, but her older brother chides... (full context)
Chapter 2
Women and Sexuality Theme Icon
Agriculture vs. Education Theme Icon
...of the household chores to Nathan. In her leisure time, she practices her writing. Her father had taught her how to write, even though it’s very unusual for girls to have... (full context)
Chapter 3
Suffering Theme Icon
Agriculture vs. Education Theme Icon
...consumption and draws near to death. Rukmani returns home to care for her, and her father summons a foreign doctor who has recently settled in the village. When Kenny arrives, Rukmani... (full context)