Of Mice and Men


John Steinbeck

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Of Mice and Men Characters

George Milton

George Milton is one of the protagonists in Of Mice and Men. A small, wiry, and wily hustler who’s quick on his feet and sharp to boot, George travels around the countryside with his… (read full character analysis)

Lennie Small

Lennie Small is the secondary protagonist in Of Mice and Men. He is a huge, lumbering man whose bearlike appearance masks a sweet, gentle disposition. Lennie has an unnamed mental disability—according to George(read full character analysis)


Candy is an elderly “swamper” in charge of odd jobs around the ranch. He is missing a hand after losing it in an accident years ago, but remains employed in spite of his limited capabilities… (read full character analysis)


Curley, the son of the ranch’s boss, is a mean and power-hungry individual obsessed with securing the respect and submission of the individuals beneath him. Short in stature, nervous, and yet obsessed with proving… (read full character analysis)

Curley’s Wife

The only woman on the ranch, Curley’s wife is viewed as a “tart” by the men who surround her. Young, lonely, and desirous of attention, Curley’s wife spends her days roaming around the ranch… (read full character analysis)
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A tall, strong, quiet, and craggy-faced laborer on the ranch who works as a mule driver. Slim has an ageless, inscrutable face and a reserved disposition, and his physical power and commanding nature make him… (read full character analysis)


The only black laborer on the ranch, Crooks the stable hand is a sensitive but “aloof” man who is ostracized due to his race. Crooks suffers from a crooked spine, an injury sustained in an… (read full character analysis)


A laborer on the ranch. Carlson is an aggressive man who owns a Luger pistol which he prizes and cherishes. He leaps at any opportunity to use his gun, including when he shoots Candy’s… (read full character analysis)


A laborer on the Salinas ranch where George and Lennie go to work. Whit enjoys a good time, and regularly spends all his money at the whorehouse in town. Aggressive, nosy, and always looking to… (read full character analysis)

Aunt Clara

A kindly old woman back in Auburn, who may or may not have been Lennie’s biological aunt. George and Lennie both remember the deceased Aunt Clara fondly, though George seems to think she coddled… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
The Boss
The boss of the ranch and Curley’s father.
Andy Cushman
An old schoolmate of George and Lennie’s who is locked up in San Quentin for getting into some kind of unnamed trouble with a woman.