Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men Characters

George Milton

George is Lennie's friend and protector. Unlike the giant, lumbering Lennie, George is small and wiry with a quick and resourceful mind. In many ways, George is a typical migrant farm worker, a class… (read full character analysis)

Lennie Small

George's companion. Lennie is huge and immensely strong, but a mental disability makes him entirely dependent on George, especially after his Aunt Clara dies (before the novella begins). Lennie is the most innocent, gentle… (read full character analysis)


An old handyman who greets George and Lennie at the ranch. The owner of an old and feeble dog, Candy is himself crippled—he lost his hand in an accident on the ranch. Candy is a… (read full character analysis)


The son of the boss of the ranch, Curley is careful to make it clear that he is of a higher class than the other ranch hands by wearing fancy boots. He is also mean-spirited… (read full character analysis)

Curley's Wife

The only female character in the novel, and Curley's wife. The men on the ranch call her a "tart" because she flirts with them. They consider her dangerous because her attention might cause them… (read full character analysis)
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A skilled mule driver with an ageless face, a grave manner, and a calm authority on how to run a ranch, Slim is a revered figure on the ranch. As the most self-assured of the… (read full character analysis)


The stable manager, and the only black man on the farm. Crook's name comes from his crooked posture, the result of a kick from a horse. Crooks is bitter from a lifetime of lonely segregation… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
The ranch-hand who shoots Candy's dog in the back of the head. Though he isn't cruel, Carlson is without sentimentality, and has no qualms about killing or getting rid of anything that's no longer useful.
The Boss
The man who runs the ranch, and Curley's father. He is quick to anger and suspicion, but is otherwise fair. Like his son, the boss wears fancy boots to show that he occupies a station above the ranch hands.
Aunt Clara
Though not an actual character in the novel, Aunt Clara cared for Lennie until her death. She appears to Lennie in a vision near the end of the novel.
A ranch hand.
Andy Cushman
A childhood friend of George and Lennie's who is in prison "on account of a tart."