Of Mice and Men


John Steinbeck

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George and Lennie’s Farm

George and Lennie dream of buying a patch of land of their own to use as a farm—a farm where they’ll build a self-sustaining life and “live off the fatta the lan.” Their hypothetical farm…

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For Lennie, rabbits represent an escape from the obstacles he faces as a mentally-disabled man. While George fantasizes of his and Lennie’s future farm as an alternate reality where he can be free, independent…

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Candy’s Dog

The dog of Candy, the elderly, disabled swamper on the ranch in Soledad, is a parallel to Candy himself as well as to the relationship between George and Lennie. After losing his hand…

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Lennie’s Puppy

The puppy Lennie adopts on the ranch in Soledad represents the futility of the strong trying to care for the weak, and the inevitability of fate. The days-old puppy symbolizes the inescapability of doom and…

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