On the Road

On the Road


Jack Kerouac

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Sam Character Analysis

Dean’s cousin, who he meets up with in Denver. Dean is excited to see his cousin, as they were close friends while growing up, but Sam has matured and changed. He asks Dean to sign a paper guaranteeing that he will have nothing to do with Sam and his family.
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Sam Character Timeline in On the Road

The timeline below shows where the character Sam appears in On the Road. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 3, Chapter 6
Friendship Theme Icon
One night, Dean arranged for his cousin Sam to meet up with Sal and him. Dean told Sal all about how close he... (full context)
Freedom, Travel, and Wandering Theme Icon
Society, Norms, and Counterculture Theme Icon
When Sam arrived, he told Dean he didn’t drink anymore and said that he only came so... (full context)
Privilege and Prejudice Theme Icon
Sam left and Dean and Sal went to a carnival, where they spotted “one amazing little... (full context)