On the Road

On the Road


Jack Kerouac

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On the Road: Part 3, Chapter 10 Summary & Analysis

Dean and Sal shaved and showered at a local YMCA and then drove around in the Cadillac for a wild night in Chicago. Dean told Sal that they had to “go and never stop going till we get there.” Sal asked where they were going and Dean said he didn’t know, but they just had to go.
Dean and Sal have no real destination in mind, but know that they just have to keep going, moving, traveling.
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They went out and heard a bunch of different jazz musicians perform. Sal describes some of his favorite jazz musicians. They saw a musician named George Shearing, and Dean said that Shearing was God. After their crazy night, Sal and Dean returned the car to its owner, who didn’t even recognize it at first, because it was so dirty and beaten up.
With its improvisation and (in the 1940s) countercultural appeal, jazz is the perfect music for Sal, Dean, and the Beat generation. Dean even continues to find God through jazz performances.
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