One of Us is Lying


Karen McManus

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One of Us is Lying Characters

Simon Kelleher

The self-proclaimed “omniscient narrator” of Bayview High’s rumor mill, Simon Kelleher runs a ubiquitous but reviled gossip app called About That which aggregates the juiciest gossip on campus. Though Simon’s reports are daily, they are… read analysis of Simon Kelleher

Bronwyn Rojas

The “brain” of the Bayview Four, Bronwyn is an overachiever with dreams of attending Yale. Her squeaky-clean image, though, is compromised when an About This post reveals that she cheated her way through chemistry last… read analysis of Bronwyn Rojas

Nate Macauley

The “criminal” of the Bayview Four, Nate is a burnout, womanizer, and drug dealer who has earned a bad reputation for himself over the years. Nate is on probation for dealing marijuana, and rumors started… read analysis of Nate Macauley

Cooper Clay

The “jock” of the Bayview Four, Cooper is a popular athlete who seems destined for greatness as a baseball player. Originally from Mississippi, Cooper is incredibly close with his tight-knit family and intensely focused on… read analysis of Cooper Clay

Addy Prentiss

The “princess” of the Bayview Four, Addy is a popular and beautiful Bayview student who has been dating her equally popular and beautiful boyfriend, Jake, since their freshman year. Addy has been raised by… read analysis of Addy Prentiss
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Mr. Avery

Mr. Avery is a science teacher at Bayview High who is repulsed by social media and technology. At the start of the novel, Simon, Addy, Cooper, Nate, and Bronwyn are… read analysis of Mr. Avery

Jake Riordan

Jake is Addy’s boyfriend, a popular and good-looking student at Bayview High. Though from an outsider’s perspective Jake and Addy seem to have the perfect relationship, Jake is in fact demanding and controlling, and… read analysis of Jake Riordan


A Goth girl with few friends at Bayview. She was extremely close with Simon Kelleher before his death; after he dies, she is visibly distraught, and spends much of her time crying in the bathroom… read analysis of Janae

Nate’s Mother / Mrs. Macauley

Nate’s mother is a bipolar addict who struggled with substance abuse and mental illness throughout Nate’s childhood before abandoning him and his father several years ago. She returns from Oregon when she hears that… read analysis of Nate’s Mother / Mrs. Macauley

Addy’s Mother / Ms. Calloway

Addy’s mother is a self-absorbed, vain, materialistic woman who has been married several times and is now dating a man half her age. She believes that the only way for women to succeed in… read analysis of Addy’s Mother / Ms. Calloway

Mikhail Powers

A TV personality who hosts a weekly news show called Mikhail Powers Investigates. His early reports on the Bayview Four suggest they are guilty; as the investigation becomes more invasive, though, and after Cooperread analysis of Mikhail Powers
Minor Characters
Maeve Rojas
Bronwyn’s younger sister and a student at Bayview High. Maeve suffered from leukemia throughout her childhood, and as a result is seen as fragile and sheltered even in her teen years; Maeve is trying as hard as she can, though, to shed this image.
TJ Forrester
A student at Bayview High. Addy slept with him the previous summer—though she had been with her boyfriend, Jake, since freshman year.
Ashton Prentiss
Addy’s older sister, who escapes her loveless marriage and moves home shortly after Addy gets into trouble at school.
One of Bronwyn’s close friends.
One of Bronwyn’s close friends.
Cooper’s best friend and one of the only people at Bayview to stand by his side after he is outed in the course of the investigation.
Cooper’s girlfriend.
A Bayview student who once attempted suicide because of a piece of vile gossip spread about her via Simon’s About That app.
Cooper’s clandestine lover and an underwear model who eventually helps Cooper, Bronwyn, and Addy to make a large break in the case of Simon Kelleher’s murder.
Detective Wheeler
A detective working the case of Simon Kelleher’s murder.
Detective Mendoza
A detective working the case of Simon Kelleher’s murder.
Detective Chang
A detective working the case of Simon Kelleher’s murder.
Officer Budapest
A policeman who questions the Bayview Four early on in the investigation.
Officer Lopez
Nate’s probation officer.
Eli Kleinfelter
A pro-bono lawyer whom Bronwyn first sees on Mikhail Powers Investigates. She later convinces him to represent Nate after he’s framed for Simon’s murder.
Sam Barron
A local kid whom Simon paid to fake a car accident outside of Mr. Avery’s classroom during his detention alongside the Bayview Four in order to create a distraction and complicate the details surrounding his death.
Cooper's grandmother.
Robin Stafford
Bronwyn's lawyer.
Cooper's lawyer.
A popular, mean girl at school.
A popular girl at school and one of Addy's former best friends.
Principal Gupta
The principal at the high school.