Out of the Silent Planet


C. S. Lewis

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The supreme ruler and creator of the universe in Malacandran theology. The Old One does not have a corporeal body but lives everywhere in the heavens and watches over every living thing through his deputies, the oyarsas (of which Oyarsa is the guardian of Malacandra). Roughly analogous to the Christian concept of God.
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The Old One Character Timeline in Out of the Silent Planet

The timeline below shows where the character The Old One appears in Out of the Silent Planet. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 11
Christian Imagery and Thought  Theme Icon
Civilization and Utopia Theme Icon
Human Nature and Morality Theme Icon
...him laugh and tell him that Maleldil the Young made the world. Maleldil lives with the Old One , and both of them exist in the heavens and everywhere in the universe at... (full context)