Paper Towns

Paper Towns


John Green

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Paper Towns: Part 3, Hour 20 Summary & Analysis

As they drive through upstate New York, Quentin starts a game of Metaphysical I Spy. Ben’s first clue is: “I spy with my little eye something I really like.” The answer turns out to be “Lacey.” Radar mocks Ben for his sappiness, and decides they will all be happier if they sing “Blister in the Sun.” When the song ends, Quentin takes his turn at Metaphysical I Spy. He spies a “great story.” Ben realizes that answer is their trip.
Margo was always famous for the amazing stories of her adventures that circulated around school. Now, Quentin and his friends have lived a story of their own — they have become the kind of people at whom they could only marvel a few weeks ago.
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