Paul’s Case


Willa Cather

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A young actor who works in the “stock company” of a theatre in Pittsburgh, Charley Edwards has developed a liking for Paul, who loiters around his dressing-room, watching him get ready for the shows. Edwards is one of the male figures in the story whom, it’s implied, Paul may have stronger feelings for than mere friendship. It is also strongly implied that Edwards himself is gay. Charley helps usher Paul into the world of theatre and art by inviting him to performances and rehearsals.
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Charley Edwards Character Timeline in Paul’s Case

The timeline below shows where the character Charley Edwards appears in Paul’s Case. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1
Art and Artificiality vs. Reality  Theme Icon
Money and Wealth  Theme Icon the Sunday-night rehearsals of the stock company playing at one of the downtown theaters. Charley Edwards , an acquaintance of Paul’s, has invited him. Edwards is the “leading juvenile” of the... (full context)
Art and Artificiality vs. Reality  Theme Icon
Alienation and Homosexuality Theme Icon
...taken out of school, “put to work,” and barred from being an usher or visiting Charley Edwards . (full context)
Part 2
Art and Artificiality vs. Reality  Theme Icon
...rooms. He has arranged all this for months in advance, poring over every detail with Charley Edwards , cutting out pages of New York hotel descriptions from the Sunday papers. (full context)