Patrick Süskind

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Perfume: Part 2, Chapter 24 Summary & Analysis

The most distant part of France is located in the Massif Central of the Auvergne, at the peak of a volcano called Plomb du Cantal. The surrounding land is barren and uninhabited. Grenouille reaches this mountain in August of 1756. He sniffs in every direction and smells nothing but stone and grass. It takes him a full day to realize that he is truly alone, that there is no human presence or scent on the top of the volcano. He finally believes it as the sun sets, and erupts with joy at his solitude. He dances and yells with glee and triumph late into the night.
While Grenouille has previously been said to have experienced some moments of contentment, hope, or happiness, those moments pale in comparison to this jubilant celebration of his solitude. This drives home just how much he truly feels disconnected from, and even antagonistic to, humanity.
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