Laurie Halse Anderson

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Speak: Part 2, Chapter 15 Summary & Analysis

After receiving a note from Heather, Melinda goes to her house to find her sobbing about disappointing the Marthas at a Valentine’s Day event for a local children’s hospital—apparently she didn’t properly stuff Valentine’s pillows. Heather continues complaining about the Marthas, but Melinda stops listening, only to find out that she has unknowingly agreed to create artwork for the school’s Canned Food Drive. Although she is annoyed, when Heather begs, Melinda is unable to refuse her.
Once again, Melinda demonstrates her conflicted feelings towards Heather. On one hand, she finds Heather annoying and her upset inane. On the other, she inevitably agrees to help Heather whenever the other girl needs it. It seems that Melinda cannot fully decide whether or not to put effort into her friendship with Heather.
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