Laurie Halse Anderson

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Speak: Part 4, Chapter 15 Summary & Analysis

Melinda’s gym class has moved on to a tennis unit, and Ms. Connors pairs Melinda against Nicole to do a demonstration for the class because she used to take lessons at her parents’ fitness club. The match gets more and more serious, with the two girls trying harder and harder to win. Melinda plays aggressively, calling herself “tough enough to play and strong enough to win.” Although Nicole beats her by a few points, Melinda is still proud of her achievement.
Just as Melinda showed a talent for basketball, here she proves that she has a knack for tennis as well. For once, Melinda puts an effort in and feels good about herself. This episode shows a glimmer of how motivated Melinda used to be, and even provides hope that she may regain her old sense of drive once more.
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