The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


Mark Twain

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Incidences of bad weather occur several times in the novel, each time signifying that Tom is in a particularly troubled psychological state. On Jackson's Island the homesick boys survive a storm that wreaks considerable damage on their ill-prepared campsite. When Becky is away for the summer and his friends are swept up in religious revivalism, a lonely Tom hides under his sheets during a storm that he imagines is meant to destroy him.

Storms Quotes in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Boyhood Rebellion and Growing Up Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Vintage Classics edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer published in 2010.
Chapter 22 Quotes
And that night there came on a terrific storm, with driving rain, awful claps of thunder and blinding sheets of lightning. He covered his head with the bedclothes and waited in a horror of suspense for his doom; for he had not the shadow of a doubt that all this hubbub was about him.
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Storms Symbol Timeline in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Chapter 16
Showing Off Theme Icon midnight, feeling something weird is in the air, and tells the others. A terrible storm breaks out. Their camp is ruined and the sycamore that had sheltered theirs bed is... (full context)
Chapter 22
Boyhood Rebellion and Growing Up Theme Icon
Superstition, Fantasy, and Escape Theme Icon
Sentimentality and Realism Theme Icon
That night a terrible storm rages. Tome hides under his sheets, convinced that God has created the storm with the... (full context)