The Book Thief

The Book Thief


Markus Zusak

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The Book Thief: Part 10: The End of the World (Part I) Summary & Analysis

Death gives another glimpse of the character's ultimate fates – Himmel Street will be bombed, and Death will come for Rudy, Rosa, Hans, Frau Holtzapfel, Frau Diller, and Tommy Müller, but not for Liesel. Liesel will survive because she is in the basement reading over her own life story. Later the local LSE will pull her from the wreckage and she will scream for her Papa, still clinging to the book that saved her life.
Death describes the tragedy that awaits in more detail this time. The novel is almost over by now, so the suspense intensifies. Knowledge of the horrible ending makes the action leading up to it seem that much more tragic. Death implies that Liesel's life will literally be saved by a book.
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