The Glass Castle


Jeannette Walls

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Miss Jeanette Bivens Character Analysis

Jeannette’s teacher at Welch High School and her namesake. Miss Bivens was also Dad’s teacher when he was in school, and was the first person to really believe in him, he says. Miss Bivens is also the faculty advisor for the school newspaper that Jeannette edits. She is a consistent source of support and encouragement for Jeannette.
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Miss Jeanette Bivens Character Timeline in The Glass Castle

The timeline below shows where the character Miss Jeanette Bivens appears in The Glass Castle. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 3: Welch
Growing Up, Illusion, and Disillusion Theme Icon
Order and Turbulence Theme Icon
...she can fit in and meet people without having to pay for uniforms or equipment. Miss Jeanette Bivens , the organizer, was also Dad’s beloved English teacher who, he says, was the first... (full context)
Order and Turbulence Theme Icon
Responsibility, Self-Sufficiency, and Non-Conformity Theme Icon
...names always appear in the newspaper. She establishes a “Birthday Corner” and circulation doubles, though Miss Bivens wonders if this counts as serious journalism. (full context)
Growing Up, Illusion, and Disillusion Theme Icon
Order and Turbulence Theme Icon
At the end of May, Jeannette is feeling increasingly scared. She says goodbye to Miss Bivens , who assures her that she’ll be alright but wonders aloud who will serve as... (full context)