The Golden Age


Joan London

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Sister Penny’s judgmental mother-in-law, with whom she and Elizabeth Ann live after Alan Penny dies. In revenge for Sister Penny’s habit of taking lovers instead of getting remarried, on her deathbed Enid bequeaths her house to a distant relative. It’s Enid’s caprice that drives Sister Penny to take a job at the Golden Age, which gives her a place to live.
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Enid Character Timeline in The Golden Age

The timeline below shows where the character Enid appears in The Golden Age. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
10. The Loving Body
Vocation Theme Icon
...the money to keep their own house, Sister Penny and her daughter moved in with Enid, Alan’s mother, an arrangement that lasted long after the war’s end. (full context)
Parenthood and Growing Up Theme Icon
Strength, Physicality, and Femininity Theme Icon
Although Sister Penny was discreet, Enid knew about the lovers. In revenge, on her deathbed she bequeathed her house to another... (full context)