The Green Mile

The Green Mile


Stephen King

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Beverly “Matuomi” McCall Character Analysis

A woman who kills her abusive husband—a barber—with one of his own razors in retaliation for his cheating. Paul uses her story as a counterpoint to John Coffey, showing that there is a clear difference between people (such as Matuomi) in whom murder is a natural part of their personality and people (like John) who are inherently innocent, incapable of committing a crime.
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Beverly “Matuomi” McCall Character Timeline in The Green Mile

The timeline below shows where the character Beverly “Matuomi” McCall appears in The Green Mile. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1: Chapter 1
Death and the Death Penalty Theme Icon
Morality and Justice Theme Icon
Racism Theme Icon of all races. Paul relates the story of an inmate he remembers clearly. Beverly McCall killed her abusive and unfaithful husband—a barber—with one of his own razors, and saw her... (full context)
Morality and Justice Theme Icon
Thirty-five years later, when Paul sees McCall’s obituary in the newspaper, he realizes that she has spent the last ten years of... (full context)