The Green Mile

The Green Mile


Stephen King

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Homer Cribus Character Analysis

The Trapingus County high sheriff is an incompetent alcoholic who depends on others (such as Deputy Rob McGee) to get his job done. His racist attitude constitutes a significant obstacle to reopening Coffey’s case. He shows sadistic pleasure in attending Coffey’s execution, showing his approval when Marjorie Detterick publicly insults the condemned man.
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Homer Cribus Character Timeline in The Green Mile

The timeline below shows where the character Homer Cribus appears in The Green Mile. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1: Chapter 4 
Death and the Death Penalty Theme Icon
...Marjorie calls the sheriff to inform him of the situation. The Trapingus County high sheriff, Homer Cribus , whom Paul describes as an incompetent alcoholic who depends on other people to get... (full context)
Part 6: Chapter 5
Morality and Justice Theme Icon
...of coincidences, whereas Coffey was actually found holding the Detterick girls’ dead bodies. In addition, Sheriff Cribus would never want to reopen a case that he believes ended well—that is, with a... (full context)
Morality and Justice Theme Icon
...innocence, Janice suggests a variety of options. She says Deputy McGee could try to convince Sheriff Cribus , or that Paul himself could go, or that the guards could lie about the... (full context)
Part 6: Chapter 10
Death and the Death Penalty Theme Icon
Morality and Justice Theme Icon
Racism Theme Icon
There are fourteen witnesses at the execution, including Homer Cribus and Klaus and Marjorie Detterick—although, like Hal Moores, Deputy McGee is absent. As John and... (full context)