The Hairy Ape


Eugene O’Neill

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The Hairy Ape Characters


The protagonist of the play, a stoker who works on a large ocean liner. Shoveling coal day in and day out in the excruciating heat of the engine room has made Yank into a strong… read analysis of Yank


An experienced old Irishman who works alongside Yank on the ocean liner. Paddy is jaded and depressed about the miserable conditions of the stokehole, frequently complaining about how wretched it is to work below deck… read analysis of Paddy


A stoker who tries to get Yank to see the nature of his own oppression under the rule of capitalism and industrialization. Long insists that the “Capitalist clarss” is to blame for the majority of… read analysis of Long

Mildred Douglas

The entitled daughter of the president of Nazareth Steel, a man who also serves as the chairman to the board of directors that controls the ocean liner upon which Yank, Paddy, and Longread analysis of Mildred Douglas

Mildred’s Aunt

An old woman whom O’Neill describes as “pompous and proud.” Mildred’s aunt is highly critical of her niece, finding her desire to work with poor people utterly absurd. She isn’t afraid to voice her… read analysis of Mildred’s Aunt
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Second Engineer

A middle-aged engineer who works on the ocean liner. After Mildred convinces the captain of the ship to let her visit the stokehole, this man is charged with escorting her. Before they descend, he tries… read analysis of Second Engineer

The IWW Secretary

A secretary at the office of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union that Yank visits. At first, the secretary warmly welcomes Yank and gives him pamphlets explaining the ins and outs of the… read analysis of The IWW Secretary
Minor Characters
The Prisoner
An unnamed and unseen prisoner Yank meets in jail. This prisoner reads him a newspaper article about the Industrial Workers of the World union.